Terminal Shortcuts

“These won’t get you through the airport much faster but they’ll certainly give your fingers a break.”

One of the first things I do after logging into a new Ubuntu system is configure my Terminal.
I’ve gotten so use to these shortcuts that I feel helpless without’em.
My Terminal

I can already hear those average click and point users screeming

“The terminal is just to cumbersome and dated so why bother”

Ubuntu has several ways of updating software but, I’ve found a better way.
Instead of clicking on the orange update notification thingy and typing your password you could open a terminal and type $sudo apt-get update and then $sudo apt-get upgrade but theirs an even faster way. Continue Reading »


“Don’t shy away from a terminal based encoder like this”

The program abcde has a default abcde.conf file that is stored in $/etc/abcde.conf after initial installation. You can copy it to your home folder $/home/username and edit it yourself or use one of mine (much faster). By having a file that contains all of your program options is brilliant all you do is save the .abcde.conf file to a backup drive in case your system crashes and then copy it back when you up and running again.

Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

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